What is a Cataract?


A cataract is where the lens of the eye becomes cloudy.

The lens of the eye is just like the lens of a camera. If it, the eye, becomes cloudy it stops light being able to be focused on the retina. Your vision becomes hazy and blurry.

This is a very common condition with ageing eyes but can also be associated with trauma, certain medications and may be congenital.
Fortunately, due to modern surgical techniques, cataracts are highly curable.
Cataracts form slowly over time and are not associated with pain or discomfort. Small cataracts have little effect, may be left untreated but may cause glare.If a cataract becomes so dense that it affects vision, surgery will easily restore that vision.
Cataract surgery involves a key hole incision made in the cornea. Through this cut the cataract, or lens, is broken up, removed and a replacement plastic lens is inserted.

During your pre-surgery appointment at Southern Eye Specialists our eye specialist will use technology to determine which type and grade or optical lens to suit your unique visual requirements.
Cataract surgery is regarded as one of the most cost-effective operations in the world. In other words the sheer improvement in your quality of life after restored vision is well worth the investment you or your insurance company makes in the costs of the operation.
As with all surgery there are risks. Our eye specialist will discuss risks with you before you mutually proceed to book surgery.
All surgeons at Southern Eye Specialists are very experienced in modern cataract surgery.