Glaucoma and eye drops


Glaucoma is caused by an imbalance between the in-flow and out-flow of fluid in the eye.

Although no cure is available, there are various forms of treatment for the management of Glaucoma that can greatly decrease its effects. The eye is a collapsible sphere that relies on certain pressure within it to maintain its shape. When out-flow of fluid in the eye is compromised pressure rises, leading to damage of the optic nervehead. Lowering the pressure within the eye forms the basis of the only treatment available for glaucoma.

There are two forms of glaucoma – closed-angle glaucoma which can appear rapidly and requires immediate attention, and open-angle glaucoma, the more common of the two.

Care of glaucoma involves eye-drops, laser treatment and, in some instances, eye surgery, and although no definitive cure is available the effects of glaucoma can be greatly diminished through life-long monitoring of pressure levels within the eye and the adherence to a long-term treatment plan.


Dr Allan Simpson on Glaucoma