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Drip feeding information
SES, 01 June 2022

SES presents at the RANZCO Scientific Meeting At the latest RANZCO event a number of interesting presentations were given, and although we are biased, one of the best was on pharmacy systems and eye drop calculations by our very own... Read more >

It’s in the air
SES, 17 February 2022

    Air quality affects more than just your lungs. New research shows the prevalence of Age-related Macular Degeneration in locations with high levels of air pollution. The British Journal of Ophthalmology has recently released a study that found residents... Read more >

Orbit Optic Comfort
SES, 10 February 2022

Astronauts must deal with many negative physical effects when travelling into space, including potential changes in shape of the heart, bone mass loss, muscle fibre shrinkage and flattened eyeballs and swollen optic nerves. This is why 49% of long-flight astronauts... Read more >

The results are in
SES, 18 September 2021

Thanks to all of our survey respondents  We need feedback to ensure our service can remain at a consistently high standard. That’s why we sent out a survey to our referral network earlier in the year… The results were pleasing... Read more >

The beauty of birds
SES, 11 June 2021

How eagle-eyed Ann captures her remarkable images  The screens in our waiting rooms are providing patients with some wonderful insight into the lives of our feathered friends thanks to the skill of one particularly talented team member… Our patients will... Read more >

RANZCO 2021 arrives in ChCh
SES, 04 April 2021

Close to home event far and away a hit with attendees The RANZCO 2021 Branch Meeting recently took place in Christchurch, the first time we’ve hosted it here since prior to the earthquakes. It proved worth the wait, the event... Read more >

Screen time and eye strain
SES, 02 April 2021

How to monitor your monitor use It’s the curse of the modern age, a plague of shining boxes upon all our houses (and our workplaces, our cafes, beaches and everywhere else we take our screens). But how do you avoid... Read more >

Never smile at a crocodile?
SES, 26 March 2021

‘Fake tears’ provide real research results... Accusing someone of shedding ‘crocodile tears’ traditionally meant they would have been faking their grief, these insincere tears paralleling the ancient (and erroneous) belief that these animals shed tears as they consume their prey.... Read more >

Moosha stands proud
SES, 12 December 2020

The history behind our Pop Up Penguin (and it's future ahead)  Our penguin has arrived and is now happily welcoming visitors as part of the Christchurch’s incredible Pop Up Penguins initiative. The penguin is part of a network of 50... Read more >

Game, sight and match
SES, 20 October 2020

Four famous athletes with eye conditions An athlete relies on clear visual information to ensure they have the quick reflexes needed for competing at elite levels. So what happens when this information is damaged or impaired? For the sportspeople below... Read more >

Spin doctors
SES, 28 September 2020

Fruit flies get dizzy over illusions too That dizzy and sometimes queasy feeling you’ll have when looking at optical illusions is not just a human experience – it’s experienced by all types of animals too. A recent study at Yale... Read more >

Optometrist professional development gets easier…
SES, 02 September 2020

The S4 Seminar Series debuts online     Optometrists can now earn CPD points online with our new approach to remote learning. Our 4S Seminar Series provides optometrists with the knowledge to increase their expertise and gain CPD points. It... Read more >

Peekaboo… but do they see you?
SES, 01 September 2020

  Ever wondered if that baby is actually happy to see you? The guide below might help. A baby’s vision is tested in a few different ways, with one of the main processes checking for preferential looking: how an infant... Read more >

On sight and sound
SES, 22 August 2020

Six famous musicians with eye conditions   While Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles are well known examples of vision-impaired musicians there are many others who have also taken to the spotlight despite the challenges of their eye conditions.  José Feliciano Born... Read more >

Knit together
SES, 10 August 2020

A wonderful pastime and a helping hand   We’re making time spent in reception more interesting for our patients and, ultimately, their efforts here more rewarding for those in need. Our knitting project first started in 2019 when Rose, one... Read more >

A wild goose chase?
SES, 31 July 2020

  This month’s birdwalk proves anything but… Chris and Justin joined me for the July Birdwalk. Starting out I expressed my anxiety that one of these months we might see nothing new. I might be taking them on a wild... Read more >

Keeping an eye on the ball
SES, 28 May 2020

The rise and rise of Ross Taylor. Playing professional sport at the highest level requires an incredible amount of hand-eye coordination. Decisions must be made in a fraction of a second and focus must be exceptional. This makes the story... Read more >

A Hydroxychloroquine headache
SES, 23 May 2020

Staying true to evidence-based eyecare   Real science and medical testing will always trump a gut-reaction, feel-good approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Dr Logan Robinson looks at the recent chaos behind unproven ‘cures’ and the very real... Read more >

Southern Eye on the River
SES, 02 May 2020

I did May’s birdwalk on my own under Alert Level Three rules, in solidarity with Rob and his solo golfwalk (no flags and no rake in his sandpit). And I did it on Friday since I am not at work... Read more >

A pod for your bubble?
SES, 27 April 2020

Five great self-isolating podcast recommendations These last few weeks have certainly allowed some of us time to explore new things. One relaxing pastime has been with the discovery of some great podcasts. Here are some of our recommendations… If you’re... Read more >

Birds of a feather
SES, 20 April 2020

The Southern Eye Birdwalk: Lockdown edition With the concern and uncertainty in our daily lives never has the opportunity to get outside to reconnect with nature been so important. Allan Simpson reports on his latest Covid-19 bird-watching quest through a... Read more >

Proof positive
SES, 04 April 2020

SES recognised for clinical trial expertise. Running clinical studies can be demanding. There are a large number of complex processes to undertake, and substantial work is required in administration. However the effort is worth it. Every piece of information collected... Read more >

Samurai, superheroes (and occasional realism)
SES, 02 April 2020

Our top 5 films about vision impairment or sight loss. Hollywood often plays fast and loose with the facts with eyesight and the loss of vision. Here are five noteworthy examples of movies where vision impairment plays a major role…... Read more >

Southern Eye on the river
Allan Simpson, 10 December 2019

  The first Southern Eye Birdwalk left my waiting room at 1pm on December 4 and will again in future, on the first Tuesday of each month (except January). There were seven of us to share observations on the river... Read more >

Sci-fi at SES
Koren Allpress, 10 October 2019

  An up and coming Christchurch filmmaker found the perfect back drop for her sci-fi short film at Southern Eye Specialists. Lucy Hammond, a Level 5 film production and animation student at Yoobee College, spent about 45 minutes filming some... Read more >

Dr Sean Every – A Distinguished Gentleman
Koren Allpress, 08 October 2019

  One of Southern Eye Specialists’ doctors rode alongside a large group of ‘distinguished gentlemen’ recently, helping raise hundreds of dollars for a cause that means a lot to him. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) is an international event which... Read more >

Coast Clean-up
Koren Allpress, 02 September 2019

  Dr Allan Simpson says he will never buy another plastic bottle of shampoo ever again. The sentiment came after he and his wife Dr Beth Simpson recently spent a weekend on the West Coast helping pick up rubbish at... Read more >

New ELLEX YAG LASER capability
Shayne Te Aika, 10 May 2019

  Hard on the heels of our recent upgrade of our OCT-A capability, Southern Eye Specialists has also purchased the new ELLEX YAG LASER - a non-invasive laser utilised to treat patients with posterior capsular opacity (secondary cataract), YAG laser... Read more >

New purchase enhances paediatric eye care at SES
Ed, 17 August 2018

  Southern Eye Specialists announce the purchase of a Plusoptix A12C Mobile Autorefractor to compliment delivery of paediatric eye care for our patients, primarily to infants, young children, and for adults who may encounter difficulty with our standard autorefractor equipment.... Read more >

A fresh perspective
Ed, 13 August 2018

In June 2019 we welcomed Dr Antony Bedggood, MB ChB (Otago)FRANZCO, to the SES team. Dr Bedggood is an experienced cataract surgeon and general adult ophthalmologist.  He regularly works managing neuro-ophthalmic disease and also has extensive experience in the surgical... Read more >

Glaucoma NZ Seminar 6 October 2018
Ed, 13 August 2018

Interested in hearing and learning more about Glaucoma?  Dr Allan Simpson, (MB ChB FRANZCO), Director at SES, and our Glaucoma expert is the key note speaker at the Glaucoma NZ seminar being held at the Commodore Hotel on Memorial Ave,... Read more >

A new viewpoint
Ed, 13 August 2018

SES introduces newest Director, Dr Logan Robinson, MB CHB, PGDip Ophth, BS (Distinction), FRANZCO. Many of our patients and referrers will already know of Logan as one of our consulting ophthalmologist's.   Logan actually joined us in 2016 having completed his... Read more >

Buying Glasses Online – Our View
Dr Allan Simpson, 10 August 2018

More and more New Zealanders are opting to buy their glasses online to save money. The trend is to visit an optometrist or optician, get an eye test including an important measurement called pupillary distance (PD) and enter those measurements... Read more >