Dr Sean Every – A Distinguished Gentleman

Koren Allpress, 08 October 2019


One of Southern Eye Specialists’ doctors rode alongside a large group of ‘distinguished gentlemen’ recently, helping raise hundreds of dollars for a cause that means a lot to him.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) is an international event which fundraises for causes relating to men’s health, while uniting riders of vintage and classic styled motorcycles.

Dr Sean Every and his wife were among about 200 people who took part in the Christchurch DGR on Sunday September 29.

“It was a beautiful day with perfect weather,” he said.

The riders met at Cathedral Square before embarking on a roughly 25K loop that took in the base of the Port Hills and Addington and ending at Durham Street.

It was the first time Sean had taken part.

“I’ve got this old 1965 Vespa, it’s very cute, which I’ve had for about 10 years, but I’ve barely ever used it,” he said.

Friend Glenn Bolton regularly takes part in the Christchurch DGR and suggested Sean give it a go, fixing up Sean’s Vespa in the process.

Glenn and Sean asked people to donate to the cause online, raising $2652 and $1689 respectively, placing them first and second on the DGR website’s ledger board for Christchurch fundraisers.

Sean was grateful for the support of many people at Southern Eye Specialists.

“They really got on board and supported me well.”

The first DGR was held in Australia in 2012 and its fundraising was targeted at prostate cancer.

However, since then, not only has the event begun to take place internationally, organisers have become more aware of the need to support mental health as well – a cause that is important to Sean, as he lost a friend to suicide last year.

Anything we can do to raise money will help, and all the money raised within in Christchurch will be used locally, he said.

“It was very proactive about men’s mental health. Male bikies have this really negative image, so this was trying to change that, show that men on bike can make a positive difference,” he said.

The DGR will be accepting donations online until October 13, click here to contribute: https://www.gentlemansride.com/leaderboards/top?country=new%2Bzealand&ride=christchurch