Farewell to a legend

SES, 04 March 2022

Dr Allan Simpson leaves SES


With Dr Simpson retiring at the start of 2022, we have lost an incredible doctor, a true gentleman, a champion of nature and a wonderful colleague.

Joining Southern Eye Specialists shortly after its inception, Allan’s work was at the heart of our business for three decades.

Since the early nineties Allan has seen SES go from strength to strength, much of this success due to his thoughtful, methodical approach and his dedicated commitment to fairness.

While his overall vision and prodigious output of work hugely shaped eyecare in Canterbury it has been the little touches that have equally made an impact.

A passionate eye specialist, he was also a student of history. Optometrists at the Christmas seminar last year got to see this up close when Allan shared his eye-opening curio collection of historical ophthalmology tools.

As an unwavering advocate for the environment Allan also initiated the regular birdwalk for our team here. Each month he’d collect a small group at lunch, leading them out around the river and through the streets, educating the other walkers on flora, fauna and the local history of the city.

Many of our readers have enjoyed the wonderful articles he wrote after each journey and, if you haven’t already, we recommend looking back over these on our news page. Others will know Alan from his beautiful photography, images of New Zealand nature that have appeared in our calendars and on the screens around SES in the past.

For Allan retirement provides an opportunity for more tramping around “the most beautiful country in the world.” He also hopes to spend time enjoying traveling around NZ with his wife, Beth, in their motorhome.

We wish him all the best for the journeys ahead.


Alan out in his ‘happy place’ recording the wonder and beauty of our natural world. Photo taken by Allan’s brother, Russell.