Moosha stands proud

SES, 12 December 2020

The history behind our Pop Up Penguin (and it’s future ahead) 

Our penguin has arrived and is now happily welcoming visitors as part of the Christchurch’s incredible Pop Up Penguins initiative.

The penguin is part of a network of 50 large sculptures brought to the city by the Wild in Art organisation. Each penguin is part of a public art trail and visitors can sign up to the app and ‘collect the set’ by visiting each.

Every penguin is sponsored by a Christchurch business and, after nine weeks on the streets, each will be auctioned to raise money for Cholmondeley Children’s Centre. It’s a fantastic way to help support a great cause – since 1925 the Governors Bay centre has provided vital care for children during times of need.

Our lucky Southern Eye Specialists penguin also has two distinctive names. After all, there are two days dedicated to penguins each year* – so why can’t a penguin have two names also?

Amazing local artist Jen McBride provided the original: Pattern #1453: Antarctic Fair Isle. We chose the penguin initially due to the knitted design, which harks to our own charitable work with knitting here at SES.

We also wanted to bring our online followers into the fun of the event too, and so proposed a competition to find a name that was, well, a little more ‘penguiny’.

That’s how our Facebook fans voted for another special name – Mooshu.

The name was provided by Marilyn and Richard Hore in honour of their daughter, Meg, who sadly passed away in 2019. Meg loved penguins, even going so far as to adopt several at the Oamaru Penguin Colony.

Now Mooshu, of Pattern #1453: Antarctic Fair Isle, stands proudly outside the Christchurch Town Hall. Come meet the big, beautiful flipper-flapper in person!


* Penguin Awareness Day (Jan 20th) is World Penguin Day (April 25th)