New purchase enhances paediatric eye care at SES

Ed, 17 August 2018


Southern Eye Specialists announce the purchase of a Plusoptix A12C Mobile Autorefractor to compliment delivery of paediatric eye care for our patients, primarily to infants, young children, and for adults who may encounter difficulty with our standard autorefractor equipment.

Autorefractors are used during an eye exam to help diagnose eye refraction errors.  Whilst Southern Eye Specialists already possesses autorefractor capability, the Plusoptix A12C is particularly useful in assisting in diagnosis of young infants and children, given its ease of use and because it substantially simplifies the examination process.

It isn’t always a safe bet to expect an infant, child, sometimes even adults to remain still, with eyes focused where they need to be, so this hand held device is particularly useful in obtaining reliable eye measurements in such instances.

The portability of the Plusoptix A12C allows our team to take the capability beyond the confines of SES.   Whilst the device will primarily be located at Southern Eye, from September 2018 onward, we also intend to deploy  it to our monthly West Coast clinics held at Grey Base Hospital.