Sci-fi at SES

Koren Allpress, 10 October 2019


An up and coming Christchurch filmmaker found the perfect back drop for her sci-fi short film at Southern Eye Specialists.

Lucy Hammond, a Level 5 film production and animation student at Yoobee College, spent about 45 minutes filming some of her short film Vision at SES recently.

“[It’s a] sci-fi thriller about a blind girl who comes in to get surgery and she gets her vision back,” Hammond said.

Lucy was in need of a clinical setting, and her mum suggested family friend and SES business manager Chrissie Dodds might be able to provide her with a space to film.

“That would be perfect because it has all the props and chairs and everything,” Lucy said.

“The chair was awesome.”

Lucy took inspiration from Netflix series Black Mirror when writing the script for Vision, saying the sci-fi genre appealed to her because of the possibilities it presented.

“I guess the younger generation are going to be growing up with the new technology, it’s kind of cool to think about what we could possibly live with in the future.”

Lucy not only films the clip, she also stars as a nurse alongside her friend, Sue Hong, who plays the blind girl.

She has three weeks to put Vision together, and when completed it will be available for viewing on YouTube. SES will feature in about 20 seconds of the three minute long finished product, she said.

Lucy has made a couple of short films before, including one a few weeks ago which was a two minutes long, but putting Vision together was a bit more challenging.

“This is like my big assessment at the moment.”

Once she has finished the 40-week-long course, Lucy plans to go on to second year to study screen production, and would love to eventually work in the film industry.

It’s not the first time SES has featured in a Christchurch student’s film work – earlier this year New Zealand Broadcasting School student Courtney Winter filmed a news clip on the ground floor which focused on the prevalence of myopia in children.


View the short film here: