SES to the Rescue – Assisting our CDHB peers (The Eye Department)

Shayne Te Aika, 10 May 2019

If you were a recent patient to SES in April 2019, you may have noticed some new faces around the office. We have been supporting the Canterbury DHB during a recent crisis where the Eye Department was displaced for a month or so due to urgent repairs being undertaken at CHCH hospital. The Eye Department ran many of their public clinics from Southern Eye Specialists and there were certainly some crazy days at SES where we were a little stretched for space as CDHB staff (Drs and Nurses) ran simultaneous clinics. Whilst unfortunate for the CDHB, it was a great experience for SES staff to interact and work closely with our peers at CDHB. We hope that you (as an SES patient), were not too inconvenienced through our support to the CDHB and apologise retrospectively if your appointment wait time was longer than expected. Things have returned to normal for the eye department at CDHB, and for us here at SES as of 03 May 2019.