The eyebrow raiser…

SES, 02 October 2021

Van Damme’s eye scan gem scam

Who is the most famous person to arrive at your workplace? For one Parisian optometrist near the Champs-Elysées, a visit by a celebrity in July drew quite the crowd. Unfortunately for the optometrist’s neighbour the onlookers provided cover for an escape by a jewel thief.

Jean Claude Van Damme, known as the ‘Muscles from Brussels’, may not be as big a star as he once was. However that didn’t stop people gathering to catch the action movie icon as he visited an optometrist.

According to the AV Club, “A crowd of people gathered for an opportunity to get a glimpse of Van Damme, we assume, testing out whether different kinds of eyeglasses stay put while doing the splits.”

With the crowd busy trying to get a look at the high-kicking martial artist a nearby luxury jeweller was robbed by a man with a knife. Taking what authorities estimate was between €2 to €3 million in precious gems, the thief then made his getaway on a small electric scooter.

When police arrived to talk to witnesses most could barely confirm a man on a scooter, let alone one carrying bags of ill-gotten loot. It turns out everybody on the street only had eyes for JCVD. Yes, the Muscles from Brussels peepers had creepers – an ID wasn’t likely.

Thankfully the thief and an accomplice were later arrested. It is unreported whether Mr Van Damme managed to find a solution for his vision requirements.