The results are in

SES, 18 September 2021

Thanks to all of our survey respondents 

We need feedback to ensure our service can remain at a consistently high standard. That’s why we sent out a survey to our referral network earlier in the year…

The results were pleasing for many reasons, not the least of which was the quantity of responses and the general positivity we saw within the answers.

A lot of you spent considerable time on the survey too. It was easy to see the consideration that had been given to the answers. And the feedback has proven invaluable in how we shape the work ahead.

In the meantime, here are a few details that might help some of you…

  1. Yes, many of our seminars are online! You can find some of the older seminars on our Youtube channel. We advertise all new seminars either on LinkedIn or in our newsletter (i.e. the artificial intelligence article that went out with this article in our latest Insights).     
  1. The process for gaining CPD points involves a couple of steps to ensure everyone is watching the seminar before applying for points. Email with the name of the seminar you want to watch and we will send you the Q&A to fill out.
  1. We are also working to increase the online resources available to our network and look forward to sharing some big news in the near future on this.
  1. We value face-to-face time with you too! There are some great upcoming events and, Covid level changes aside, we plan to create more opportunities to meet and chat over the next year.

Despite the challenges over the last year it appears that many of you have plenty to be happy about. There was news of house builds and purchases, babies arriving, family reunions and all the other big experiences that make life so great.

Then there were the personal achievements you shared: learning to water ski, adopting a dog, completing every trail at the Christchurch Adventure Park, seeing a daughter’s art in a gallery for the first time, learning how to back-flip, getting a personalised license plate (for free!)

Thank you to all who responded and everyone in our referral network who continues to support us.