Tomorrow arrives to our 4S seminar

SES, 04 August 2021

Dr Rebecca Stack and the natural progression of artificial intelligence

It’s something we hear more and more nowadays: Is there an app for that? In May Dr Rebecca Stack presented a fascinating seminar on how A.I will continue to revolutionise ophthalmology – and it’s about far more than snaps and chats, faces and books.

Artificial intelligence is making life easier for ophthalmologists when it comes to making a diagnosis, treating patients, measuring outcomes, sharing information and much, much more. However there is still much to consider when it comes both to the limitations and the potential of technology.

Within her presentation Dr Stack covered many topics, including where robotics is changing surgery and how machine learning is evolving the screening and diagnosis of various eye conditions.

If you couldn’t make it on the night there’s still an opportunity to view the presentation – we have filmed it and it is now available online.

If you’d like to see it, or other seminars from this series, email with 4S seminar in the subject line and we’ll arrange access for you.

Once you have access and have viewed the seminar we can then help you apply for your CPD points.