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SES, 10 February 2022


Dr Genevieve Oliver joins Southern Eye Specialists

We are excited to announce that Dr Genevieve Oliver has arrived at Southern Eye Specialists.

Dr Oliver has recently returned to Christchurch after spending the last decade gathering valuable experience and expertise at a wide-ranging array of hospitals and clinics internationally. From Timor to Tibet, India to Australia, she has worked in some of the most interesting and challenging environments in the world.

During this time she has also undertaken extensive research into neglected and emerging retinal infections, her PhD focusing on infections that are transferred by animals, such as Toxoplasma gondii, Ebola and Dengue viruses, and how these bugs affect the human eye.

A tramping enthusiast, pomegranate grower and, of course, incredibly skilled eye specialist, Dr Oliver is now back in Christchurch. Her wealth of research, surgical expertise, and confident, constructive mindset is welcomed by all here at SES.

For further insight into her work we suggest checking out the most recent 4S seminar by contacting us at info@southerneye.co.nz with Spot Diagnosis seminar in the subject line.

We look forward to sharing further news of Dr Oliver’s work in the near future.