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Dr Allan Simpson


Cataract, glaucoma

Dr Allan Simpson is an accomplished Consultant Ophthalmologist. Working in both the private and public sector he works at Southern Cross Hospital, and at Christchurch Hospital.

As a medical graduate Allan completed his training in Ophthalmology in Christchurch. Then, awarded with a prestigious Nuffield Scholarship, he travelled to the UK to study at Oxford and gain experience in what is now his sub-specialty interest, glaucoma.

Allan’s expertise in detection and treatment of glaucoma has led him to the running of the glaucoma service at Christchurch Hospital. Furthermore, in his private practice, glaucoma patients comprise the largest group he treats.

Particular focus at his practice has been on analysis of the optic disc in glaucoma. This technique was revolutionised by the advent of optical coherence tomography (OCT), enabling imaging of the retinal nerve fibre layer and optic nerve head. This is the most sophisticated tool available for assessing eye health and managing eye conditions.

As early adopters of this technology here at Southern Eye Specialists we have been using this high-resolution process since 2003. Thanks to the support of Allan and his continued focus on improvement and advancement of eye care Christchurch will continue to enjoy the highest level of care and service.