4S Seminars

In this Southern Eye Specialists seminar, Dr Rebecca Stack explores some of the issues patients experience after cataract surgery.

A fascinating look at the diagnosis dilemmas, risk factors and treatment options for glaucoma from Dr Dickson Wong.

Dr Rahul Dwived delves into the symptoms and treatment options for postoperative hypotony, a sight-threatening complication that can follow glaucoma filtration surgery. Using case studies as key examples, the seminar includes information on how to recognise early and late manifestations of this complication and demonstrates strategies to help avoid and manage it.

Beginning with a discussion of the signs and symptoms of Macular Degeneration Geographic Atrophy (GA), Dr James Borthwick delves into the recent clinical trials of intravitreal injections for treating the condition, as well as the role optometry can play in its management, and the use of an 2RT nanosecond laser in slowing its progression.

In this seminar Dr Logan Robinson shares case studies of ‘Beautiful Retina’ – examples that show how different imaging technologies and processes are used to help diagnose and manage different retinal cases.

In our latest 4S Seminar Dr John Rawstron presents his insight into iris bumps, lumps, rips and gaps, taking optometrists through what to look for and what treatment and management options are available.

Using a variety of case studies, Dr Logan Robinson highlights a number of different treatment options available for patients presenting with retinal detachment, with further discussion of diagnosis methodology, management of symptoms, risk factors and precursor lesions, and prevention.

Gain valuable insight into eye adnexa with ‘The Wipers and the Windshield’, a 4S Seminar from Dr Elizabeth Conner at Southern Eye Specialists.

Watch the latest seminar from Dr Rebecca Stack, her presentation taking us through a wide range of causes, symptoms, tests, treatments, and other aspects of twitching. Covering childhood blinking, tic disorder, Benign Essential Blepharospasm (BEB), hemifacial spasm, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation, this is a fascinating and insightful talk that’s not to be missed.

In her latest seminar here at Southern Eye Specialists, Dr Pon presents on Cranial Nerve VI Palsy.

With a three-year retrospective of 125 case studies, Dr Sean Every presents tried and true methods for clinically confirming posterior vitreous detachment in patients presenting with floaters. This involves discussion of benign and malignant causes and how the problem can be managed using YAG vitreolysis or vitrectomy.

Dr Genevieve Oliver presents on spot diagnosis, and how pattern recognition helps make provisional and differential diagnosis easier.

Dr Jo-Anne Pon shares a detailed presentation on anomalous optic nerves, papilloedema and Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension.

Dr Rebecca Stack presents a seminar on how A.I will continue to revolutionise ophthalmology.

Orthoptist Lora Parsons presents at Southern Eye Specialists about convergence insufficiency.