SES presents at the RANZCO Scientific Meeting

At the latest RANZCO event a number of interesting presentations were given, and although we are biased, one of the best was on pharmacy systems and eye drop calculations by our very own SES Ophthalmic Technician Daniel Freeman.

In April the 2022 RANZCO New Zealand Branch Annual Scientific Meeting took place in Blenheim at the ASB Theatre and the Marlborough Events Centre.

The theme for the meeting was ‘Adaptability in Changing Times – an appropriate topic given the challenges many have faced over the last two years.

There were some great keynote speakers speaking on a range of subjects, including how Covid affects the eye, cystoid macular oedema, postoperative uveitis, and new treatments for AMD and retinal vascular disease.
Southern Eye’s ophthalmic technician Daniel Freeman also spoke at the event. His presentation, titled ‘Twelve Drops Per Ml’, was well-received by attendees.

“It was a topic that many ophthalmic nurses and technicians may not know a lot about – how pharmacy and dispensing of prescriptions works,” says Daniel. “There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes that is quite important.”
Daniel’s previous work as a pharmacy technician delivered valuable insight into the various processes and technicalities involved in the work.

Topics covered included the difference between generic vs brand medication, Stat vs Non-Stat dispensing, how pharmacies calculate eye drop dispensing and the various processes and important technical information that ensures the right type of medication is provided at the correct quantity.

While he was initially concerned his topic might be considered “boring” by attendees the feedback and engagement from the crowd proved otherwise. The presentation obviously provided plenty of food for thought.
Daniel had never spoken at an event like this before. He said it “was a challenge worth taking on”.
“The reaction and feedback from nurses and technicians was overwhelmingly positive,” says Daniel. “There were several questions asked at the conclusion of my talk and more people approached me during breaks later in the conference for further discussion.”

Daniel had never spoken at an event like this before. He said it “was a challenge worth taking on”.

“I have a stutter so I usually avoid public speaking at any cost,” he says. “But, when asked to present, I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and give it a go. I control my stutter pretty well in everyday life. So I just tried to employ my strategies for the talk.”

“With lots of encouragement and backing from Marie (Taylor, SES Clinical Manager) and the SES team it was too important an opportunity to miss.”

Such presentations are important to Southern Eye Specialists too. Providing our team with the opportunity to share their knowledge and advance their professional development is vital not just for their careers but also for the overall care of our patients.