Well done to our Love to Ride participants.

We love to ride our bicycles! Clocking up 4,610 points for their collective cycling trips, the Southern Eye Specialists team came in third in the 50-199 staff health sector division for Canterbury in the New Zealand-wide Love to Ride challenge. 

The initiative invites participants to log bike rides of longer than ten minutes, with offices and workplaces teaming up to compete against others in their field. The aim is to encourage more people out of their cars and onto two wheels, both for their health and the good of the planet.

Congratulations to all those who took part, particularly those that hadn’t ridden in a while. We hope this inspires some to keep up the good work and continue riding. 

We would like to especially thank Sally for instigating it all and getting us signed up, tuned up, and revved up for the challenge. It was great to see the level of competition – albeit in a fun and healthy way.

And, while third is a respectable spot, let us be the first to claim it: Next year, SES aims to bike all the way to number 1!

Southern Eye Specalists standing beside bike