Welcoming Dr Rahul Dwivedi

We are proud to introduce Dr Rahul Dwivedi to our readers. 

Trained in Liverpool, Dr Rahul Dwivedi arrived in New Zealand in 2019 for what was supposed to be a year-long residency. Arriving soon after him was a certain global pandemic however. So that original short stay become longer and, happily for the team here at Southern Eye Specialists, eventually something more permanent.

After completing his training, Dr Dwivedi worked in the public health service in England before travelling to New Zealand to complete a year-long fellowship at the University of Auckland and work with the Auckland District Health Board. From there he moved south to take up a position at the CDHB as glaucoma clinical lead.

When the highly respected Dr Allan Simpson retired in early 2022, Southern Eye Specialists needed a doctor with a similar level of expertise and, as importantly, the empathy, warmth and professional curiosity to deliver the highest standard of patient care. Dr Dwivedi was ideal.

A proud father of two, avid cricketeer, craft beer lover and (naturally), excellent eye specialist, Dr Dwivedi has made himself at home in the Garden City and here at Southern Eye Specialists. We look forward to sharing more news of his work with our readers soon.